First Pancakes

Everybody makes mistakes. These are ours.

The first pancake out of the pan is always a little off. Still edible, but perhaps not the best looking.

If we make a mistake that doesn't affect how the rod fishes, or it's durability we'll let it go here for a good price.

First pancakes are strictly limited edition. Get them while they are hot!

Also: If you post your first pancake to social media with the hashtags #lacourse and #firstpancake, will will send you a $20 gift certificate.

Note: While our normal One Year Limited Warranty applies to first pancakes, they are not eligible for LaCourse's One Year WTF Policy. Simply put, some of these rare one offs are impossible to replicate.

We will however give you a discount code for 25% off anything in our store if you ship our first pancake back to us.